About The Burlesquerie


Whether you're new to the bump and grind, a bonafide burlesquer, or just a fan of the flirt, The Burlesquerie is here to help.

We have an extensive knowledge of both local and national talent, their popular and rarely seen numbers, and a keen understanding of all types (yes, there are types) of burlesque. Let us help you choose, hire, coordinate, and compensate the perfect ladies (and maybe gents) for your event.

Creating a show from thin air is not an easy task, but it sure can be fun. That’s why we’ve been doing it for almost a decade. Tell us what you want, we’ll work our magic, and you get to do the best part – watch!

If it’s in Austin and it’s burlesque, then we probably know about it. Follow us on Facebook and find out where to go see the good stuff. Know something we don’t? Give a shout.

Classes and Workshops
Maybe you’re looking to plus up some pasties, get tone for the tease, or find out how to flirt with a fan. We can connect you with the right class. If you’ve got the skills and just need the space and the students, we’re here to help you coordinate that too.

Get Hired
The world loves all kinds of burlesque and so do we. Whether you do it in the air or on the ground, with a boa or boa constrictor we want to talk to you. Help us help you help others see what you can do.

Our Founder
In addition to being a celebrated burlesque performer, Roxie Moxie has founded burlesque troupes in Dallas and Seattle, produced long running shows in Austin, and, most importantly, made tons of friends and admirers along the way. Through The Burlesquerie this glam-punk-rockin’ streak of flash and sass is here to use her experience, knowledge, and legal background to help expose everyone to the world of burlesque.